10 youtube video

VIDEO 1: iTwin- Unlimited Capacity USB Remote File Access Device


VIDEO 2: YouTube – Apple -MacBook Touch- MultiTouch Tablet Concept -iPad-


VIDEO 3: YouTube – Cutting laser technology


VIDEO 4: Future Design Laptop ROLLTOP (Being Developed)


VIDEO 5: How to make Hot Ice!!! Crazy


VIDEO 6: Life Like Female Android from Japan


VIDEO 7: New Computer Technology


VIDEO 8: New stem cell techology


VIDEO 9: Processor Technology SOL-20 8080 Computer


VIDEO 10: Robot-car technology by Google



Personal details

Nama : Abdul Aziz bin Ahmad
No Matrik : A121336
Program : Ijazah sarjana muda pendidikan sains dengan kepujian (kimia)
Tahun Pengajian : 4
Semester : 2
Tutorial : Jumaat 9- 11 pagi Makmal Komputer 4
Email : kyo_ajis@yahoo.com
No tel : 0148114026
Alamat kolej : kolej pendeta zaba, 43600 UKM, Bangi, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Alamat rumah : Kampung baru pahi , 18000 Kuala krai, Kelantan.

NON-Electronics Teaching Aid (BBM)



In atomics advance structure topics especially for form 6, they are no longer represent atom structure in simple 3D model which normally written in symbol, dot and line but they also need to illustrate them in 3D dimensional pole model.
The 3D dimensional polar model is more difficult to understand and illustrate compare to simple atom structure model.
So the balloon are a very cheap but efective tools to be used to illustrate the advance atomic model for higher levels.
Normally the simple atom model can be illustrated using a simple model like the picture below:

Figure 2: simple atom model

The difference is the above model only show atom that attach to each other to form a molecul and present in 3D model. This model only for begiiner in form 4 and 5, for fom 6 they are require to illustrate them in advance illustration including the charges.

10 Technology Pictures With Descriptions

1. Timex Thumbnail Watch

This watch is still a design for now but the coolest watch you could ever own. This watch design could reinvent our whole perception over watches. The projects comes from a design contest organized by Timex to get new ideas for their future projects. The Nail Watch, as they naturally called it, allows you to check the time with just a quick glance over your arm. It will show up in different modes, calculator, date, calender etc and an option to chose the color. This would probably be the most stylish watch and all popular companies would cry if it hits the markets.

2. The Camera Phone Watch

Telson’s TWC 1150 is the world’s first camera phone watch. It supports a RUIM card which can be used in GSM phones for international roaming. Other features include, a 256 color LCD, plug-in camera, Infrared wireless earpiece, speakerphone, stopwatch, and planner.

3. Alienware Android Phone Concept

Here’s a proposed cell phone that’s centered around Dell’s Alienware brand. This Alienware concept phone would feature Google’s Android platform, some gaming features from Alienware, and some other goodies. It’s only a concept though, but it’s cool because it’s Alienware as opposed to Dell Computers.


Wristwatch based mobile phone features a touchscreen and built in stylus
Tri-band unlocked GSM Phone (900/1800/1900 MHz), GPRS Speed for Data
Alternately may be configured as a hanging necklace pendant
Sends SMS and MMS messages. Supports SMS group sending
Can play back MP3 music files and display Movie Files
Supports MP3 or MIDI based ringtones
Built-in basic handwriting recognition
WAP Browser
Bluetooth Headset Support
Built-in Speakerphone
Voice Recorder
Calendar with Scheduled Appointments
Note Taker Application
E-Book Support
Scheduled power on/off
Built-in Calculator
Currency and Unit Converter
Tells the Time with alarm clock function

5. Peugeot Modif: A Car That Can Squeeze For Tight Space Praking

Peugeot Modif is a fabulous design for a hybrid car that will be very successful in small towns and tight places. It has a two tone color scheme and the center of this is the large rubber tube-like center shaft that allows the car to squeeze up to 88 centimeters and also provides the front of the car with flexibility to swivel from side to side 18.5 degrees for better drive.

6. Jet Bike

“Envisioning a jet powered flying bike powered by an alternative method of propulsion!” These are the words on which the concept is based and they sound quite visionary. As supposed, Japan will be leading the industry.

7. Futuristic Motorcycle Leatherman Wrath 2083

he Wrath concept has us thinking, which is something quite unusual for us to do. Will the present be considered “retro” in the future? Or will retro remain retro and present be something else? Whatever the case, this “future modern retro” chopper for the year 2083 will rule streets in an age when everything is completely controlled by computers and electronics, which should be entirely possible considering the current rate of global development. Also, we guess it will be used by the resistance to fight our robotic overlords. The concept has been created by Alexander Barnard.

8. Windows Phone 7 OS Tablet Concept Photos

Here, designer Umang Dokey has taken inspiration from the same approach and made a concept tablet that runs on Windows Phone 7 OS. The Tablet has a 8-inch capacitive touch screen, 2 web cams for 3D video calling, an in-built stand and a keyboard. Interestingly! other companies like Apple and Google have already begun to make tablet-devices out of their mobile OS, so something like the Windows Phone 7 OS Tablet shouldn’t be far from reality.
And if that’s really the case, I wonder what Microsoft will do about the HP Slate that is supposed to launch later this year? Not to mention the Microsoft Courier too?



A futuristic espresso machine concept from Adam Zerbib, it is very interesting to combine the pragmatic, futuristic, and the original use of espresso machine. The design combines the cup and the coffee machine into one, safe some space in your cabinet, plus it fits to your modern kitchen interior (look like a white tree with its branches to me). In the morning you can just pick up a cup out of its branch and start making espresso coffee. So, how do you like your coffee in the morning ?



Virtual reality machines are computer-operated machines that can take us on exciting imaginary voyages by simulating different environments. Sounds and pictures are created in the machine and electric motors can rock the machine back and forth making the ‘journey’ more realistic. Doctors can use virtual reality gloves to operate surgical instruments remotely. They can also use gloves with sensors to take 3-D pictures of their patients.


This Book cover created dan designed by me using Adobe Photoshop CS4 software, I choose to create a simple cover with a hazard logo in 3D as the main object. The purpose is to make people who see the cover already know what the book is about.

Reflection; tutorial week 1 GE2135

Today’s class was the first tutorial, and beside the normal topics from the courses outline, there are several input that attract my attentions.

1. Why you want to be a teacher?

So this is a familiar questions to teachers or student teachers, for me i like to teach, and I always said to myself i want to be a teacher because i love to teach and i can be good at teaching. The answer that i think good enough for me to answers for the above Question above suddenly change. Mr Khalid today tell all of us that; remember as a muslims our first intention is LILAHITAALA means “because of ALLAH”. As a muslim i totally forgot that in anything i do, first thing to remember is LILLAHITAALA. Beside that, I finally find a reason why i should learn while my age will reach 30 next few years, i always think that Universities give me hard time with difficult syllabus while i just going to teach form 4 and 5. Finally i found the answers, and all thanks to Mr Khalid.

2. The rule/attitude as a student towards teacher.
Mr khalid once again remind us that “anyone who teach you even he is younger, or teach a small thing, Is your teacher”. As a student we have first to remember that everytime we meet them we have to greet them with SALAM and SMILE. Another thing is student must wait for teachers to come to class mean come early to class, not the teacher who wait the students. Everyone know this but ironically it it seems that this thing is forgotten.

The topics cover for todays lesson which i remember were:
1. Apakah itu pengajaran (What is Teaching?)
2. The ASSURE Model
3. Teaching Objectives
4. Teaching Preparations

Here i want to wish Mr Khalid GOOD LUCK for the PHD at USA, wishing you come back safely and continue teach us here.

GE2153 Week 2: Tutorial 1


Please define and discuss the concept of

(i) Technology
(ii) Education
(iii) Instructional Media and
(iv) Instructional Technology.
State the source/sources of your references.


(i) Technology


  1. the practical application of science to commerce or industry.
  2. the discipline dealing with the art or science of applying scientific knowledge to practical problems.
  3. the usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or create an artistic perspective.

(resources: http://www.google.com.my/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=define:+technology)

Concept of technology and discussion:

For me technology is a broad term to discuss. Nowadays everyone enjoy the benefits of technology which well develop over the years. But, regarding of it existence,  do we know what is the concept or general idea about technology? Is  it a tech stuff like iPod, iPad, computers, or a large buildings and massive constructions? After reading several articles, I can conclude that in term of us , human, Technology is knowledge to improve our life and conditions. So the concept here is technology exist improve our needs and conditions with developing new knowledge and practically applied it  in our life.

Technology are varies and affected society in many ways. For example many counties in the world use technology to improve their economics and development. A simple example, To construct a 60 storey building, an old machine + workers require 1 year and that a long period of time. So to overcome this situation creating a new machine that perform better and faster is the solution. So to create that machine we require TECHNOLOGYans this type of technology we call it assistive technology.

What are the types of technology?

Discussing the types of technology beside the concept is also important. In addition, i think by grouping the types of technology will help us to simplify the broad scope.

The technology of teaching refers to instructional approaches that are very systematically designed and applied in very precise ways

Instructional technology is a systematic way of designing, carrying out, and evaluating the total process of learning and teaching in terms of specific objectives, based on research in human learning and communication, and employing a combination of human and nonhuman resources to bring about more effective instruction.

Assistive technology employs the use of various types of services and devices designed to help people with disabilities function within the environment.

The field of medicine continues to amaze us with the advances constantly being made in medical technology. In addition to seemingly miraculous surgical procedures that are technology-based, many individuals are dependent upon medical technology to stay alive or otherwise enable people to function outside of hospitals and other medical settings. It is not uncommon to see people in their home and community settings who use medical technology.

As the name implies, technology productivity tools are computer software, hardware, and related systems that enable us to work more effectively and efficiently.

Information technologies provide access to knowledge and resources on a wide range of topics. The Internet, and its World Wide Web component, is the most prominent example of information technology. The Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) is another example. The ERIC system enables people to search and locate much of the world’s educational literature on a given topic. More information about the ERIC System is available elsewhere on this Web site.
( resources: http://tam.uky.edu/basics/techtypes.htm)

The list above not the only types of technology i found, wikianswers listed from A – z types of technology which you can refer it here:
<a href=”http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Technology_by_type“>
Apart from that, wikianswers give another list of technology tpes:

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